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So god, as an intelligent entity, must also be code based? Also, I get the argument posted about statistics and the infinitely small probability of information evolving in DNA.

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  7. Life seems almost invetiable? Would it not be better to convey it in a more sure manner. He has the power, he has the knowledge how to. If god is real then he knows the way to ensure that all people know he is real and he is good. For the purposes of debate, there are some interesting articles here that offer a potential explanation of a evolution of DNA and b why the low probability argument is flawed? Be interested to see the counter arguments?

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    This would also seem to offer some good arguments for evolution in action, although I know many religious people now accept evolution in terms of being a click that started ticking after creation of a fully formed organism e. Human but not before. Some people regard matter as independent and imagine that it has itself gained this freedom and elaborated the laws that rule over it. The result of all human effort and experimentation is a body of knowledge concerning a minute bright dot comparable to the dim light of a candle-surrounded by a dark night enveloping a huge desert of indefinite extent.

    Hasnain, if Allah is true, how is it he does not know what Christians believe about Jesus and the Trinity? Have you met a ghost, spirit, demon, Damon, cheer up, Genie, Jen? I just wanted to know who or what you are? Quran is the most corrupted book. Full with contradicting surahs. Islam is full of bogus claimed. A rocks language comes from frequency, all things have frequency which would come from a design a creator….

    So do you need faith if you know God truly esist? I mean if you met God and physically seen and spoke with God? For it is in the Skeptics nature to be in denial and to deny others.

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    Everything again has design, has code, has instruction, is from knowledge. There is intelligent design from the most smallest particles to the entire Cosmos, every sentient being is from something. The shallow mind body and soul of skeptic is that of a lost person in a forest starred in half-crazed tearing through the woods lost. Peace to everybody God save you all and God bless.

    I just have to add one more thing God is great come God is so great X offended t x Cosmos X forever plus so much more than you could ever imagine. Why do we have to limit so much about God? Why are we so limited in our thinking? I believe that sentience is overrated and you are so arrogant to believe that you are better than a rock to this world than your speech about God. We dont need a ruler but the means to rule ourselves.

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    That way is a hard way rather that expect that a God or God fix everything or hope for an afterlife. That means than nothing we do matters and we just need to believe and stay in line like cattle. So no more creation, no more improvement, no future just mindless obedience. You cant say you are scientific more than you can say than you are a hipocrite.

    Dont believe that I am insulting you I just think that you pretty much gave up of this world because you are lazy with the prospect of salvation. And that to the generations to come is disappointing because ultimately we need to transcend this world not because you care for salvation it is rather for disregarding reality which is to me the only thing we can improve. Rocks must be space junk minus carbon. Our life span for example exceed our bodies capabilities, vital organs were not designed to live as long as the entire body. We live to the 70s and to s today lingering until death finally arrives and releaves suffering.

    Humanity has created their own perfect designer in the Bible with nothing but mythic stories and fables from lunatics. I love those mythic stories and fables, they made my life safe. However, you did not substantiate that claims, unless you defined things differently. No, I think we agree on the same definitons. God will only intervene as we humans allow Him. Marshall makes excellent points for intelligent design. Bacteria seems to be the catalist that gets everything started. The Bible is an excellent roadmap, Jesus and the Holy Spirit were present at mans creation. The Holy Spirit has a roll in everything today.

    The Bible is written on a 6 to 7 grade level and therefore its easy to understand. It is no scientific book that offers proof.

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    It offers an answer to communicate with God. Both are are right I guess. To sustain my position, recently a rift in the Atlantic Ocean is a recorded fact. Some people have erroneously made a statement that God caused the rift. They apparently never studied geology. The Dead Sea is a result of Asia separating from Africa, rift. A natural occurence. There is not a shred of evidence thus far. Despite claims god made male and female, we even see fish change gender due to environmental inputs and humans born as both. We ought to be well past all this.

    Sorry, my phone causes some silly typos! I meant shamanic drugs, but hopefully you could figure that out. Jack, you really think fish change genders? I suppose even rocks talk, that is the electrons, protons and photons that interact are in motion and therefore subject to laws of sound in very hard for us to hear frequency.

    Gilbert Lay:Crystals vibrate at a frequency that can be used to run a very accurate watch. There is a natural frequency to everything. We do not have the tester that will test everything but if we had one it would prove that even rocks have a frequency.

    GME Of course our bodies run out before we do but you fail to understand we out grow our bodies and hence we leave it behind.