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That is a horrible release date. The second book was like a bad B-movie. Now you have zombies, aliens, and what appears to be the either Skynet or the Illuminati working behind the scenes with an unknown agenda.

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Joined: Feb 3, Posts: 5, I can't image shatting an hourglass. Waiting to see what you guys think. It's up next in my queue. Just finished it last night. Kinda of disappointed. Really different from the first two books. Not in the 1st person journal style of the others. The ending was poorly executed. As I was getting to the end of the book, I was anticipating a fourth. Then all of a sudden in the last 20 pages they get to China and he wraps up four or five different story lines and the entire series WAY too fast.

And even then, the ending is confusing.

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Disappointing ending to what was a great series of books. Joined: Nov 14, Posts: 10, I liked the first two, but this was a pretty terrible addition to the series. Time traveler or ET? They said he was human but more evolved.

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And that the virus had been around for thousands of years but people weren't evolved enough, so it went dorment. But after that they then specifically mention extraterrestrials when talking about the US specimens.

Day by Day Armageddon: Beyond Exile

And what the hell is quantum? The more I think about this the more dissatisfied I am. Joined: Feb 11, Posts: 25, I don't ever really venture to this board so I didn't know others on here were reading this. I finished Shattered Hourglass a few weeks ago. I was somewhat disappointed too.

It was not as good as the first two. And I agree that the ending felt very rushed. It felt like someone telling a long, very-detailed and elaborate story culminating to a climactic moment, and then just saying "and then this happened and that happened and they all lived happily ever after the end".

The fact that his suit said "Major Chang" says to me that this person was originally in the military and was infected somehow. I don't really understand the space suit and the futuristic spacecraft, though. I kind of interpreted it as the Chinese propagating that Chang was an alien but in the end it was a lie. But that doesn't explain the spacecraft, or where this thing came from.

Ugh, this just frustrates me because he did a horrible job explaining it. If it's the last book, you better explain it better than that. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Kristi Charish: Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for the signal boost! Pauline: Great interview!

Day by Day Armageddon (Day by Day Armageddon, book 1) by J L Bourne

So glad you asked the questions you did abo Kristi Charish: That is the plan! Alex Renwick will be joining me as well in Tim Ward: Thirst sounds like my kind of book. I'll go check that out Tim Ward: Very cool hearing Rob on the show and with the plan to get h Bowing to the Future D. About Us Contact Become a Sponsor. Adventures in SciFi Publishing A science fiction podcast: bringing you authors of science fiction and fantasy since interviews, book reviews, news, free books, and more. Ward 1 Comment.

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He begins securing his house in case any looters come for his belongings and buys plenty of ammunition for all of his weapons. Bourne is the new king of hardcore zombie action! Day By Day Armageddon has two sequels.

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This book was released July 13, in North America. There is another novel called Grey Fox, which is a supplemental book released on October 8th, Sign In Don't have an account?

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