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Read more about The Outsider and other books by Stephen King. O'Nan shouts at his TV. Legends: Short Novels by the Masters of Modern Fantasy . Stephen King, Author Signet Book $ (p) ISBN .. The original actress to play Carrie, Sissy Spacek, narrates this audio tie-in to the new film.

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Tinea capitis: Erregerspektrum und Epidemiologie im zeitlichen Wandel. Das Erregerprofil zeigt unterschiedliche geographische Verteilungsmuster und variiert im Laufe der Zeit. Wenngleich Microsporum-canis-Infektionen noch dominieren, sind zunehmend anthropophile Erreger nachzuweisen. Angesichts des unerwartet hohen Anteils von Erwachsenen sollte eine Tinea capitis in allen Altersgruppen differenzialdiagnostisch in Betracht gezogen werden.

Wenn man Evolution und Kultur aus explizit darwinischer Perspektive zusammen bringt, bedeutet das noch lange nicht unbedingt Soziobiologie. Und es bedeutet sicherlich nicht Sozialdarwinismus. Kulturen geben. Mein Beitrag ist nicht wissenschaftsgeschichtlich angelegt, sondern systematisch ausgerichtet und hat zwei Schwerpunkte Antweiler ; Antweiler b.

Dadurch wird die Frage aufgeworfen, ob die Evolution von Organismen einerseits und die Transformation von Gesellschaften bzw. Science and film -making. The essay reviews the literature , mostly historical, on the relationship between science and film -making, with a focus on the science documentary. It then discusses the circumstances of the emergence of the wildlife making-of documentary genre. The thesis examined here is that since the early days of cinema, film -making has evolved from being subordinate to science, to being an equal partner in the production of knowledge, controlled by non-scientists.

Oromucosal film preparations: classification and characterization methods. Recently, the regulatory authorities have enlarged the variety of 'oromucosal preparations' by buccal films and orodispersible films. Various film preparations have entered the market and pharmacopoeias. Due to the novelty of the official monographs, no standardized characterization methods and quality specifications are included.

This review reports the methods of choice to characterize oromucosal film preparations with respect to biorelevant characterization and quality control. Commonly used dissolution tests for other dosage forms are not transferable for films in all cases. Alternatives and guidance on decision, which methods are favorable for film preparations are discussed. Furthermore, issues about requirements for film dosage forms are reflected.

Oromucosal film preparations offer a wide spectrum of opportunities. There are a lot of suggestions in the literature on how to control the quality of these innovative products, but no standardized tests are available. Regulatory authorities need to define the standards and quality requirements more precisely.

Mitglieder der Deutschen Statistischen Gesellschaft waren daran kooperativ beteiligt. Physik gestern und heute Von der Metallstange zum Hochenergielaser. Diese aus heutiger Sicht scheinbar triviale Vorrichtung wurde aber keineswegs unmittelbar akzeptiert. Evaluation and mitigation of potential errors in radiochromic film dosimetry due to film curvature at scanning. This work considers a previously overlooked uncertainty present in film dosimetry which results from moderate curvature of films during the scanning process.

Small film samples are particularly susceptible to film curling which may be undetected or deemed insignificant.

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In this study, we consider test cases with controlled induced curvature of film and with film raised horizontally above the scanner plate. We also evaluate the difference in scans of a film irradiated with a typical brachytherapy dose distribution with the film naturally curved and with the film held flat on the scanner. The use of a triple-channel dosimetry algorithm appeared to mitigate the error due to film curvature compared to conventional single-channel film dosimetry.

The change in pixel value and calibrated reported dose with film curling or height above the scanner plate may be due to variations in illumination characteristics, optical disturbances, or a Callier-type effect. There is a clear requirement for physically flat films at scanning to avoid the introduction of a substantial error source in film dosimetry. Particularly for small film samples, a compression glass plate above the film is recommended to ensure flat- film scanning. This effect has been overlooked to date in the literature. Novel into Film : An Experimental Course.

A course studying narrative works from eight major French novelists, and the film adaptions of these works are described.

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Course discussions are directed toward a deeper understanding of the novel and a comparison of the structures, techniques, and limits of the two genres. Water-evaporation reduction by duplex films : application to the human tear film. Water-evaporation reduction by duplex-oil films is especially important to understand the physiology of the human tear film. Secreted lipids, called meibum, form a duplex film that coats the aqueous tear film and purportedly reduces tear evaporation.

Book review: Paedagogica Historica: Vol 39, No 1

Lipid-layer deficiency is correlated with the occurrence of dry-eye disease; however, in-vitro experiments fail to show water-evaporation reduction by tear-lipid duplex films. We review the available literature on water-evaporation reduction by duplex-oil films and outline the theoretical underpinnings of spreading and evaporation kinetics that govern behavior of these systems.

A dissolution-diffusion model unifies the data reported in the literature and identifies dewetting of duplex films into lenses as a key challenge to obtaining significant evaporation reduction. We develop an improved apparatus for measuring evaporation reduction by duplex-oil films including simultaneous assessment of film coverage, stability, and temperature, all under controlled external mass transfer. New data reported in this study fit into the larger body of work conducted on water-evaporation reduction by duplex-oil films.

The water permeability of oxidized-mineral-oil duplex films agrees with those reported in the literature , after correction for the presence of mucin. Comparison to in-vivo human tear-evaporation measurements is inconclusive because evaporation from a clean-water surface is not measured and because the mass-transfer resistance is not characterized.

Film Language. The author briefly surveys some of the claims made about the presumed nature of film as language and some of the problems that arise. He considers the views of two influential schools of film criticism: the Russian formalists Pudovkin and Eisenstein and the British semiologist Peter Wollen. About Films. Lists and briefly describes 46 college-level films. Films are arranged in the following categories: volcanism and earthquakes; plate tectonics; energy, water, and environmental concerns; petroleum and coal; astronomy; space exploration, space shuttle; paleontology; geomorphology; and mineralogy, petrology, and economic geology.

Thin Films.

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Effect of annealing temperature on the characteristics of sol-gel-driven Ta ax La 1- a x O y thin film spin-coated on Si substrate as a high- k gate dielectric was studied. Ta ax La 1- a x O y thin films with different amounts of a were prepared as-prepared samples.

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X-ray diffraction measurements of the as-prepared samples indicated that Ta0. Therefore, Ta0. The morphology of Ta0. The obtained results showed that the size of grain boundaries on Ta0. Electrical and optical characterizations of the as-prepared and annealed films were investigated as a function of annealing temperature using capacitance-voltage C- V and current density-voltage J- V measurements and the Tauc method.

The obtained results demonstrated that Ta0. Influence of Evaporation on Soap Film Rupture. Although soap films are prone to evaporate due to their large surface to volume ratio, the effect of evaporation on macroscopic film features has often been disregarded in the literature. In this work, we experimentally investigate the influence of environmental humidity on soap film stability. An original experiment allows to measure both the maximum length of a film pulled at constant velocity and its thinning dynamics in a controlled atmosphere for various values of the relative humidity [Formula: see text].

At first order, the environmental humidity seems to have almost no impact on most of the film thinning dynamics. However, we find that the film length at rupture increases continuously with [Formula: see text]. To rationalize our observations, we propose that film bursting occurs when the thinning due to evaporation becomes comparable to the thinning due to liquid drainage. This rupture criterion turns out to be in reasonable agreement with an estimation of the evaporation rate in our experiment.

PACS numbers: Qr, The result of an exhaustive review of literature on the subject of film audiences, this bibliography is intended to provide film scholars with a reference tool, to act as an impetus for renewed research interest in the often neglected areas of film audience uses and gratifications, and to provide an update to UNESCO's bibliography concerning…. Rhetorical studies of film and television arose more or less independently at a number of universities during the s and s.

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At Cornell University New York , the accident of a combined speech and drama department gave rise to the study of the rhetoric of film. At the same time, other theorists were approaching film rhetoric from literature. Film Makers On Film Making. This collection includes essays by and interviews with more than 30 film -makers, both classic and contemporary, on the subjects of their major interests and procedures in making films.

Porter, Mack Sennett, David W. There are images in the history of education that can be considered iconic, images that are, as Georges Didi-Huberman says, "full of future". Multicultural Literature Bookalogues. Discusses some issues related to multicultural literature , and includes a item list of other multicultural literature.