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Have you worked for them? You think you deserve great relationships — why? How well are you treating people? How much have you been working on yourself as opposed to wishing people fit into your definition of a good person?

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We want success, happiness, money, freedom, love, great health — we want it all. Why would you expect a great return on your desires without a significant investment? Instead, I try to be more aware of them. Change is a process of self-awareness.

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If you want to increase your awareness, think about whether or not you truly deserve what you think is owed to you. Yesterday a woman reached out to me. She told me she wondered if changing was still possible in her life at the age of When you live a certain way for a long period of time, you have a mountain of evidence against your case for change. But I do know this. The rock bottom moment is very real. You can get fed up with living a certain way and change. You can do something about your situation.

According to political history and the way humans deal with liars, Trump's lies should have been self-defeating. Stone-walling, refusing to turn over documents, having subordinates do the same, should have damaged him.

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But it hasn't. In fact, it has made it very difficult for his opponents to develop effective ways to oppose him.

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Congressman Adam Schiff appear, at the moment, to have found the right style and choices of substance to genuinely counter him. If he survives the impeachment process and wins re-election, it will mean that lies trump truth. If we are governed by lies and liars, the ship of state necessarily crashes into the rocks of reality.

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And sinks. Trump won the nomination as the candidate who lied the most, won the presidency as someone known to lie, has had an unshakeable base of support even as his record of lies has risen to Himalayan heights, and has an approval rating even now of at least 40 percent. It is possible that he is a phenomenon who just has his fans no matter what.

But it is far more likely that his success only came about and is only sustained because serious underlying societal issues made them possible. If Trump is taken down - by conviction in the Senate or rejection by the voters - that holds the promise of a reset. If the Democrats running in offer a vision that addresses this malaise afflicting American society, and if they win, and having won are able to govern effectively, that promises a restoration of America's democracy.

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The views expressed in this article are the author's own and do not necessarily reflect Al Jazeera's editorial stance. Toggle navigation. When lies Trump truth If Trump's falsehoods do not get him impeached or defeated in , the future of American democracy will be bleak. There is supposed to be a penalty for lying. Listening to Donald Trump is bizarre. Yet, in public, it is routinely referred to with Trump's word, "transcript". Have your say.