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In the topic list that appears, click a sub-topic to narrow down your interest. Continue to click until you get to a specific discussion board.

There are thousands of discussion boards all over the Internet that you can participate in, for every imaginable topic. Most websites for a product have a Support section, for example, that includes a user-to-user support discussion board. A blog short for web log is an online journal.

It can be entirely private, open to invited guests only, or available to the general public. Most blogs are personal in nature, but some companies have corporate-sponsored blogs that employees write to convey information informally to the public.

Which network should I sign up for first?

For example, Microsoft encourages many of their employees to blog about new product developments, and it even hosts their blogs on official Microsoft servers. In addition, some independent contractors blog about their work to become more well-known in their field and to share information with others in similar professions. You might start with a popular blogging site such as WordPress, TypePad, or Blogger, and browse the blogs on the home pages. Or, you might have friends or relatives who blog and you might bookmark their blog pages for regular reading.

If you want to create your own blog, your best bet is to sign up for an account on a blogging website again, WordPress, TypePad, and Blogger are the popular ones. After creating your account, you can enter the text for your blog entries directly into the website, or if you prefer, you can use an offline blogging application.

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Microsoft Word works to compose blogs, but a perhaps easier tool to use is Windows Live Writer, which is part of the Windows Live suite of free apps that Microsoft offers. When you run Windows Live Writer for the first time, it prompts you to enter the URL and login information for your blog. After you enter those once, the application remembers them thereafter, and each time you start the application, a new post document starts.

Write and format your post as you would in a word processing program, and then click Publish to publish it to your blog. Twitter is a micro-blogging service, where you can post status updates in short, character chunks. Posting a status update is known as tweeting. You can tweet from the Twitter website or, perhaps more commonly, from a Twitter app on a smartphone.

Social Media 101 – Social Media Quickstarter

As with Facebook, Twitter provides you with a feed that tracks the activity of people that you have chosen to follow the equivalent of friending on Facebook. To get started with Twitter , sign up for a Twitter account. North Bend Public Library Follow. Published in: Technology , Education. License: CC Attribution License.

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Social Networking Basics 1. Social networking is. Connecting with friends and family 5. Conversing with people 6. Sharing your interests 7. Social networking is NOT. Difficult 8. Time-consuming 9. Useless Some short introductions to.

Networking Basics: 8 Tips to Networking Without Being Fake

What A site to connect with friends, post photos, and generally interact with people online. Who A goodly portion of people under And a growing percentage of those above it. What you see Status updates Networks What else can I do? Find friends Send messages Post photos and videos What they see Personal information Privacy What Allows people to post short updates characters or fewer.