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The biological differences between puppies and adult dogs translate to different nutritional needs. Here are the three main differences between puppy food and adult dog food. There are some, however, that dogs are incapable of producing on their own. They rely on food to give them what they need. AAFCO prescribes additional amino acids in puppy food recipes. Without them, puppies are at risk for developmental delays and abnormalities. They need energy to keep them going, and in nutritional terms, energy means calories. Calories come from carbohydrates and proteins, but fats have the most calories per pound.

Puppy foods have a higher fat content than adult dog foods, and those calories go toward rapid growth.

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  4. The Breast Pain Solution: The complete 5-step program to relieve sore, tender breasts and nipples - FAST! No drugs. No surgery.!

As weight gain slows, their need for extra energy diminishes. Adult dogs with high-fat diets are most often obese, so the fat content of adult dog food is significantly lower than puppy food. Out of the long list of minerals puppies need, calcium and phosphorous are at the top. Pet Education says,.

What to Know When You Bring Your Puppy Home

When Michelle Thomas takes her dog Delta out for a walk, she knows she'll be late for wherever she's heading. Two years ago, a Good Samaritan witnessed the puppy being thrown from a car in South Florida. The puppy was brought to animal control. Upon hearing about the puppy, Thomas, a foster with New Life Dog Rescue NLDR , immediately made the four-hour drive from Tampa to Miami to pick her up, not knowing what to expect or how the puppy — who had been named Delta, after the red airline blanket she was wrapped in when brought to animal control — would adapt to her other dogs.

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Her other rescue dogs, Bogart and Mack, outweighed Delta by 70 pounds, but Delta fit right in with them. Soon they became best friends and Thomas realized what a big personality Delta has.

Puppy Activities

Even though Delta only weighed 4 pounds, she could hold her own playing tug with Mack — and she usually won. At the Smithsonian Visit. New Research.

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