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Our personal story has great potential value to us if we can learn and grow from it.

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Sometimes it can be of value to others as well. How to Eat Plant-Based in the Military. Eating a whole food, plant-based diet while sustaining a healthy lifestyle can be done from boot camp to base to deployment — anywhere in the world. The kitchen as a laboratory, and everything that happens there has to do with science. What actually happens to the food is all science. The joy I feel cooking leads me to research chef techniques. I reversed my type 2 diabetes and I am now living an active lifestyle. No more checking blood glucose and no more taking medication!

Fiona Oakes is a 4 time world record holder in endurance running. She runs on plants and is a dairy-free athlete advocate. After going plant-based she realized the health benefits and positive impact on the planet. I was born into an athletic, plant-based family. My grandfather is Dr.

Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr. I now swim competitively and have won championships all while powered by plants. Upgrade it. Learn how. Learn more.


Live a Plant-Based Life. Learn about the plant-based lifestyle. It change my thinking about things and now I wanna try and move a healthier life for myself and my kids. Very informative, helpful and interactive. It gives a basic idea of how nutrition works. I truly recommend this course.

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Great starter course - very comprehensive and easy to follow. Would definitely do courses with the Health Science Academy in the future. Was a fab quick tester on what these courses are about. I'm looking forward to starting and completing my nutrition on sports course with you. This makes me feel good about the road ahead, in the aim of changing my career. Thank you for the boost of "I can do this" confidence. I enjoyed the sample free course and would love to access more. I'm currently a personal trainer through the NSCA with the strength and conditioning specialist certificate and a bachelor's in Nutrition and a Master's in educational technology.

It's nice to have access to a variety of sources, however, I am unwilling to pay for any courses until I get a larger sample of some of the more complex coursework that may be offered. Packed with a lot of information and yet very quick to read and assimilate. Simple, easy-to-understand. So nice introduction! I've found very practical content and polls. Food labels were my number one discovery. Definitely I will recommend this course I am very motivated by possibility to spread this valued information in order to help others Thank you, feel very appreciative. This was a very interesting and informative course, I have learned a lot from it: about calories and how to count them, the importance of superfoods in our health, Jamie's Video was great, and I am really thankful for the emails that I have got from you, they encouraged me to take up this course and improve my knowledge about nutrition.

I would really recommend this course to all my friends to inform themselves and start making changes in their life. I have already shared this course on Facebook and google, and today I am going to meet some friends and inform them about the course and its contents. Thank you very much for everything and I would really like to get more information about nutrition, as I have understood That it plays a very important place in our healthy life. I won't stop here, I will try to learn more and more and inform my family, friends, relatives, patients and all the people around me how to take care of their health and live a healthy life without pain and problems.

Thank you very much fo inspiring me so much. God bless you in everything!!!!!!!!! Hello from New Zealand, I have just completed your online free starter nutrition course, and as I had hoped, I am now even more healthily-hungry to carry on in this positive direction in my life to gain knowledge and qualifications I am able to use to help others make the changes needed in their lives. I am extremely passionate about health and using food to prevent illness and disease.

I want to be able to gain the knowledge I need through The Health Sciences Academy's Diploma in Nutritional Therapy to practice this passion in my daily life as a career, help people change their lives for the better through food, and to contribute to the world, communities and individuals in a positive life changing way that I feel has become essential. From what I have experienced so far through online learning with The Health Sciences Academy I would highly recommend others to also educate themselves through your courses.

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I found all the information provided relevant, interactive and delivered fluidly making it easy to follow and retain. I would love to be able to continue learning in this way with The Health Sciences Academy and pour myself into gaining the knowledge needed to live my passion of helping others through health and food. Thank you for your time and I am very much looking forward to hearing back from you and the possibilities ahead.

Daisy Faulkner. I would like to recommend it to everyone. I have learned a lot. A quick and basic course with a lot of information to improve my quality of life. There are so many online courses available today and very few of them offer some insight to what the course is about and how the course will be presented. Personalizing the course with the weight gain assessment is a personal motivator for anyone to improve their lifestyle and the "life-time" access Health Sciences Academy offers is invaluable.

Also good to know that such an institution promotes pioneers like Jamie Oliver in their courses as many of the online courses are outdated.

What I have seen in this introduction course was fresh and intriging. The simplicity of this course provides the reader with easy to understand informative facts on nutrition, thus motivating and inspiring people to enhance their nutritional intake. This course was amazing. I learnt so much from it and its made me want to learn so much more im so excited for the future from this course.

I loved all aspectsof the course the correspondance emails are brilliant. The polls were.

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Something i learnt was about weight gain through the assesment. Absoutley amazing course i will be reccomended to everybody. This starter course is an excellent opportunity for individuals with very little experience to gain a great foundation of knowledge to begin making healthy choices and continue to educate themselves in health and nutrition.

This is a very nice abridged version of Nutrition course, helps to refresh many simple yet important things,would suggest many of my friends to take up this one. I think it is great to motivate others in making wiser choices concerning food, nutrition and exercise. The more we educate people and provide fresh, health foods for all, the better for a strong body and mind.

Such a valuable course!

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I've experienced many knowledge about food and healthy diet that I have never realized how ii is important before. Even though, I also studied at school, reading newspapers, magazines but It is not enough for me. This course is designed properly and It is very easy, clear and specific for self-learning. For whom don't know anything about nutrition can take this course. It started from basic to intermediate level. I wish I could accessed more free online courses like this in the future. Thanks very much for The Heath Sciences Academy team for giving this free course!

This website and online course is amazing! It educates you all aspects on nutrition, yet in a clear and simple way. I would recommend this course to everyone! Thank you for this opportunity. From Alice.

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This course was very enjoyable. It was so well organized and the polls were awesome. The Weight Gain assessment was an eyeopener. The calorie calculations blew my mind. Jamie Olivers video echo how I feel about these issues.

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My discovery was that of the Bee Pollen, wow. I would be sharing it with many of my friends who would be interested. Excited to get on to the advanced topics. I enjoyed the polls and i looking forward to share with my wife about this course as we are all health oriented. I would recommend this course to anyone even if its only to make you realise what is wrong. I thought that i would give this a go because although i knew my lifestyle was pretty bad i also thought I'm not really obese or unhealthy however as soon as you start this and answer truthfully i realised that i was actually much worse than i even thought i was.

Using some of the things that i have read and understood i am going to use this information and keep developing my understanding on the topic of nutrition and change my lifestyle so that i can enjoy my life better with my family.

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Thank you very much health science academy. It's unbelievable Thank you Alex, this course is simple, fun and effective.