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Read more about The Outsider and other books by Stephen King. O'Nan shouts at his TV. Legends: Short Novels by the Masters of Modern Fantasy . Stephen King, Author Signet Book $ (p) ISBN .. The original actress to play Carrie, Sissy Spacek, narrates this audio tie-in to the new film.

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Reader numbers for this kind of journalism have proven remarkably robust throughout the project, with almost one in 10 readers on average sharing stories on social media. The planet is complex. Away from the horror and conflict, the shouting and the skulduggery, away from the tragedy, disaster and zero-sum misanthropy, there is a wide world of answers and improvements, of win-win and mutual support, of selflessness and curiosity, of movements and innovations. And when you write about it, people tend to respond positively.

They do so because while audiences have always been riveted by bad news it serves as both an early warning system and a reassurance about the comfort of their own lives , they are tired of the avalanche of awfulness. They are switching off. That is a bad thing. If people just shrug at news because they feel there is little they can do, nothing will change.

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Journalists in the US , Europe and the UK are waking up to this by publishing what is variously described as constructive journalism, solutions journalism or, somewhat misleadingly, positive news. Now the Guardian is deepening its commitment to this type of work. Our new series, The Upside, launched this week with support from the Skoll foundation and a sprightly determination to show readers all of humanity, not just the bad bits. This does not mean we will reduce our efforts to uncover wrongdoing, to hold the powerful to account.

Massimo Bottura is no stranger to accolades. The success of that first Milan pop-up led him to found a non-profit organisation, Food For Soul, and to start permanent community kitchens, or refettorios, serving free meals to the poor and homeless.

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The latest refettorio is in Naples. The car was nose down in the canal and rapidly filling with water and mud. She left the car briefly when, to her horror, it began rolling towards the canal that runs by their home in a village near Legnago, Italy. But by then water pressure meant that she was unable to open the door. She tried to smash a window using her feet, without success. Quick as a flash, Irene had a better idea. It still worked and both mother and daughter were able to escape the sinking car through the open window.

A Swedish startup has invented a nozzle for taps that could dramatically cut household water use. A single load of laundry causes major water pollution— but this Canadian might have a solution. The autonomous Combino tram, looks like any other tram but uses radar, laser technology and camera sensors as multiple virtual eyes to view oncoming traffic. Travelling at up to the track maximum of 50km per hour, it can respond to hazards up to metres ahead faster than a human.

The former war-torn Bosnia has become the latest thoroughfare on the European migration route and has struggled to cope with the arrival of thousands of migrants and refugees en route to Croatia. He and three friends served thousands of free meals, funding them from their own pockets for two months. Holidays can help us to live longer, according to a year study by Helsinki University researchers. They followed 1, businessmen considered at risk of heart disease due to weight, high blood pressure or high cholesterol.

A historical theme park in France has enlisted some unlikely help in clearing up litter left by visitors: six rooks. A village providing housing for homeless people has been established on vacant land in the Scottish capital, Edinburgh. Made up of 11 two-bed houses, the village provides a community approach to homelessness.

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It aims to rehabilitate residents in a safe, supported environment, with full-time support staff to help with training and work placements. The village has a centre where residents can socialise, as well as a communal eating area and kitchen.

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The intention is that residents will stay for around months before moving into permanent housing. And that was his inspiration to give up marketing and retrain as a barber for dementia patients, travelling all around the country. My job is to give these men good feelings and one-on-one time. This non-profit is bringing smiles and flowers to lonely seniors. It turns out that they actually love it. This retired trucker pairs long-haul drivers with dogs in need. Avinor is set to buy its first electric plane this summer, and plans to launch a tender offer to test a commercial route with a seat electric plane from Last year European aerospace company Airbus announced plans to develop a hybrid-electric airliner, with a demonstration model scheduled for completion by And low-cost airline easyJet has announced that it is working on plans for all-electric short-haul planes, to be launched within a decade.

Learn about the cool jobs you could have in the future. Formerly a teacher in Damascus, Alsayed left Syria to avoid being conscripted into the war, and ended up in Zehdenick, near Berlin. Having taken an month refugee teacher-training course at Potsdam University, he now teaches at a primary school, where a third of the pupils are similarly displaced, hailing from countries such as Bosnia, Ghana and Syria.

And Germany needs more like him.

A forecast by the Bertelsmann Foundation predicts a shortfall of around 35, primary school teachers in Germany by As police secured the area, he took out his cello, sat on a chair and began to play amidst the debris. His approach has had some success. Bees and other insects are vital to our food chain, as they pollinate three-quarters of all crops. But their numbers have plummeted in recent years, and this has been partly blamed on pesticides.

Five years ago, the EU banned the use of neonicotinoids, a widely used group of insecticides, on flowering crops that attract bees. And from the end of this year their use will now be banned completely, following an investigation that found the chemicals contaminate soil and water, and can then appear in wild flowers and succeeding crops. Want to do your part to help save the bees?

The design of the wheelchair has changed little since it was invented in the late 18th century. But now a group of young Swiss innovators has designed a revolutionary new mobility device for the disabled. The chair has many other novel features, too. For example, a user can steer it simply by shifting body weight, and cannot tip it over. Engineering student Karttikeya Mangalam was on a flight from Geneva via Moscow to New Delhi when a fellow passenger with type 1 diabetes was taken ill.

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The year-old Dutchman had lost his insulin pump at airport security and was developing dangerously high blood sugar levels: he had cartridges of fast-acting insulin with him but no way to inject them. A doctor on board tried to use a pen-style insulin injector, but the device malfunctioned. Mangalam took over and went into action. The doctor then injected the Dutchman, who recovered, and an emergency landing was averted. A pilot scheme in the Amsterdam suburb of Segbroek is offering residents the chance to turn their parking space into a bit of greenery—such as a sun terrace or play space for kids.

The long-term aim is to encourage people to use car-sharing schemes. Long-held hopes of building a tunnel connecting Spain with Morocco have been raised with a new study concluding that the major technical challenges can be overcome. The idea of a tunnel between Europe and Africa goes back to the 19th century, but previous projects have hit the buffers over difficult tunneling terrain and funding.

Supporters say the 38km-long tunnel could be used to transfer solar energy from the Sahara to Europe and would slash journey times for freight traffic between Madrid and Marrakesh. The scheme would require eight specialist boring machines to be built and could cost up to 8 billion euros.

The idea quickly spread. It provides a step-by-step manual along with other support and the basic approach is the same. Smartphones have become such a part of modern life that for many of us living without one feels impossible—and their power to distract has been shown to make people less productive. Hector Mkansi and Nonhlanhla Soldaat, the couple who has captured the hearts of thousands of South Africans after a video of Mkansi proposing inside a KFC went viral, have expressed their gratitude to the kindness and warmth they have received. One of the last places a president would want to be when his country's national team makes history in a Rugby World Cup final would be the loo Springbok captain Siya Kolisi said he was happy to be able to take his father abroad, something he says he's sure his father would have wanted for him as a child, but he didn't have the means.

An anonymous donor dropped R towards a crowdfunding campaign, just hours after a story was published about the plight of former Robben Island prisoners who were struggling to make ends meet. It was a dream come true for eight-year-old Kagiso Mathews, currently fighting cancer, as he received gifts and went for a spin in Porsche race car.

Springbok supporters in East London went all out on Saturday to welcome their heroes and the golden Webb Ellis Cup home. Supporters decked out in green and gold have gathered at the Union Buildings from early in the morning to send the Springboks off on their Webb Ellis trophy tour, which will be criss-crossing the country. During its travels from Japan, the Webb Ellis trophy has seen its fair share of attention, from being used as an honorary drinking cup to being cuddled by Springbok vice-captain Handre Pollard and coach Rassie Erasmus.

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